S’mores BBQ!

Yay! It’s Friday! I been craving s’mores this whole week since the grocery ads have selling all the ingredients for it. I planned a BBQ with my friends because I wanted to make them over the fire. None of my friends seem excited to eat that though lol. They rather eat burgers, hotdogs, and chicken instead -_-. Anyone have any yummy plans this weekend?


The Country is Saved! Volume 5 Chapter 22

Lazy Cats


How’s everyone’s day going? I just got my cats a slim fast ball, but it’s not working out like it should. They’re supposed to chase the ball around and knock the food pellets out of the ball, but instead they’re making me roll the ball around so the food will fall out for them to eat it. If I don’t roll the ball, they’ll just meow and look at me with their big eyes until I feed them. -_- It’s awful. I feel so used lol. Anyway, here’s the next chapter!


The Country is Saved! Volume 5  Chapter 21

Inside Look

Hey! Hope everyone’s doing well today. Since we been getting some questions on the status of our other series, I thought I’ll explain the structure we have in the group for this post.

Our series are divided between project managers in our group. The project managers lead the staff in those series and they release when a chapter is completed. If the staff for the series are inactive or complete their task slowly then it’ll delay the project manager from releasing the chapter. We have this kind of structure so there won’t be one person burdened with managing the chapter process and staff for ALL of our series.

For those that didn’t read my post last month, I stated that The Country is Saved is the series that I’ll be working on since my translator for it is active. Aside from being the project manager of TCIS, I am also the editor for this series, so I just need to depend on my translator to be able to do the releases. I help out with other series when I have nothing to do for my own series. Hopefully, this explains why one series is more active compared to others.


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 20-20.1

Sunday Evening

Hello Everyone!

I hope you guys are all enjoying a lovely Sunday evenings. Today was a really nice day here so I spent it swimming. You think I got tired of swimming when I was in Hawaii. And yes I did, but I was forced to go swimming today to help keep an eye on the kids lol. I’m not one who knows what to write so I’m just gonna cut straight to the point. Here is another release of The Country is Saved! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday before the dreaded Monday comes rolling back around!


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 19

P.S: Does anyone know any Korean ebook websites? If do, please let me know and comment below

P.S.S: I’ll make sure that this time I actually enables commenting lol. Turns out I haven’t for my last two posts. I was wondering why I didn’t get any comments.


The Phoenix Arisen From the Ashes

Hello Everyone!

I’m back from the dead! lol I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Right now Texas’ heat is killing me ahh and it haven’t even gotten to its worst yet! Maybe I spent too long in Hawaii. I was hoping for a nice calm summer before I start Pharmacy school but I just found out all my cousins are staying at my house for the whole summer!! There goes sleeping 😦 Oh well I love them, just wish they weren’t such energetic little brats I mean angels. lol

So recently (not really, its almost been a year) I gotten into a new hobby instead of reading mangas and webtoons, I’m now into this kpop group BTS. They’re such adorable dorks so if anyone knows them or are interested in them, hit me up and we can chat! lol 😀

As Joey has promise, I am here to release you some goodies while she is busy with entertaining her guests! 😀 Here is the latest chapter of The Country is Saved


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 18

❤ Kelly

Role Reversal

What did everyone think about last chapter? I really didn’t like that chapter since Sang Woo got hurt. There was only one scene that made me appreciate Min Seo’s unique personality. I read a lot of shoujo plots before and most of the time it’s the girl that walks in on a misunderstanding and after that happens, there actually would be guys that don’t chase after the girl! In Min Seo’s case, she didn’t even care that her “love” Jun Hyun was trying to stop her, she pulled away from him without any hesitation to chase Sang Woo. I like that about her.

Also, releases for TCIS might be slower for the next two weeks cause I have family visiting and coursework to do. If I can’t make the post, then I’ll have Kelly cover for me so you guys won’t have to wait too long. Hopefully, now that Mai and Ari active, they’ll have something to release for you guys too~


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 17

Cleaning out the Closet

I never liked the task of removing inactive staff members from our group, especially when I have a lot of fond memories with them. When our founder left us, I think I took over a year to remove her from our list because I would keep telling myself and people around me that she will be back. Now, our founder is a myth to most of our staff here since they only heard of her, but never talked to her personally. Sigh…Kelly and I are the only active ones around that joined the first year. Anyway, I had to clean up our staff list today after we did roll call and as I expected, I still kept all the inactive staff members that I had memories with on the list because I have hopes they’ll return one day. Knowing myself, I’ll probably keep them on a little longer than needed while Mai fights me on removing each of them since that was how our founder was finally removed from our group. >.<


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 16