I finished the Knights of Sidonia. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I was pretty disappointed :/. I started another series called Click Your Heart. Apparently, it’s a web series where you get to choose who the MC ends up with. The MC is pretty and so are some of the guys. It reminds me of reading reverse harems and how I’ll always be disappointed since the guy I root for never ends up with the MC. Hopefully, the series will end the way I want lol.

On a side note, Kelly abandoned me and went off to Hawaii. I’m so jelly -_-. She chose going there over visiting me >.<! Bet she’s enjoying her coconut drinks, wearing leis, and meeting sexy surfers on the beach…


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 14

Week 3

I started watching an anime that popped up on Netflix called Knights of Sidonia. At first I thought it would be like Attack on Titans where there’ll be a lot of yelling and angst from the MC, but surprisingly it was different. The plot seems interesting so far, I’m quite curious as to why the gauna follow them around and attack them. I’m hoping the anime will explain it so I won’t have to read the manga since I’m picky with the artwork. If you guys have seen this anime, feel free to write your thoughts on it.


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 13

Hot and Humid

Don’t know about you guys, but summer always makes me wish for fall to come faster. When my friend’s sister first planned for her wedding, she chose a date in what I considered to be the hottest month of summer (July). We would have to be outside in such hot and sticky weather all dressed up with mosquitoes around. -_-  The guys would probably be sweating through their suits at that event >.<.! Luckily, she found a cheaper venue in the fall so that was the wedding we went to instead. The downside of that was that she chose the end of the month in fall that bordered onto winter so we were freezing instead LOL.

Also, I’m just going to continue with this release style then, since those that commented on my last post were fine with it. This means that you guys will be stuck hearing from me often lol.

O! And please check out the post that Kelly did the other day. If you guys have time, can you answer the poll so we can have an idea of what series is favored now?


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 12


Hi Guys!

Its been a while since I’ve posted something, sadly this isn’t an update. We were just wondering what your favorite series of MI that we are currently working on so I have made a poll! I hope everyone summer is starting out good! I know mine is going great so far. I just graduate from college not even 5 hours ago lol. And in 48 hours I’m heading to Hawaii!!! Yay! Anyway please do takes this poll to satisfy our curiosity. And if you have any fun plans you’re doing in the summer do let me know. I would love to hear what you guys are up to!


Sleepy (-_-)

Hey guys,

Have a great Friday! I was delayed in releasing this yesterday since I got distracted so I ruined the pattern I wanted to go with where there were at most 2 days in between each release. O wellz… This is going to be a short post since I’m pretty tired. The only news that I have so far is that one of our admins started to do a roll call around our group, so we’re slowly gathering our forces again. Ah, before I forget, what was the preference you guys had on releases? Did you prefer a chapter to be released when we had it ready or for us to stock up and then release? I think we asked this question a few years ago when we first started out lol.


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 11

Made it to Week 2!

Good news everyone! Well, it’s specifically for The Country is Saved! readers lol. Jay (our K-TL) agreed to stay on to help us finish The Country is Saved! Since she is currently active then I’m going to keep up with her translations so that she would continue with the series. Bad news is that Nice Guy Syndrome will be released at a slower pace.



Nice Guy Syndrome Volume 8 Chapter 32

Happy Mother’s Day!!

To go with the flow of the previous releases and also because I promised you guys this chapter ages ago, I sat down this weekend and worked really hard to finish it quickly. ^^ 

Makes it even more special because it’s on MOTHER’S DAY! Yeee~ How are you celebrating this weekend? Share some of your past and current ideas in the comments. I would love to read them. I for instance, live very far away from my Mother at the moment, so I can’t hug her on this day, but I find a way to communicate with her and still appreciate her. ^^

On another note, I just want to inform you that Nagareboshi Lens chapters will continue to be worked on, as the next two chapters have already been cleaned and they just need to be typesetted. As I truly do have some important work to finish before this, the next chapters will come out around June, so please hang in there. I do apologize for such an incredible delay, but if you knew my reasons, I think you would understand. *bows* 
This same goes for the other series I’m working on, so expect the summer to be an amazing summer. ^^


Nagareboshi Lens Volume 6 Chapter 24 [Twinkle 19]

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