Liar x Liar

Mangaka: Kindaichi Renjuurou
Status (Japan): 6 Volumes [Ongoing]
Genre(s): Comedy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
One day, on a whim, 20-year-old Minato dresses up in her friend’s cute high-school uniform and goes out briefly into the city. To her horror, she ends up running into her stepbrother, Tooru, who is actually only months younger than her. Since he’s cute, and a notorious player, Minato has had to deal with constant jealousy and suspicion from other girls all through their school days.

Amazingly, she manages to convince Tooru that she’s actually someone who just happens to look a lot like his sister. He is so convinced that he starts trying to date her and, for various reasons, she goes along with it. What started as a simple joke is now evolving into the biggest lie Minato has ever told!

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  • Volume 5
    Chapter 29
    Chapter 30
    Chapter 30.1 On forum
    Chapter 31
    Chapter 32: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 33: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 34: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 35: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
  • Volume 6
    Chapter 36: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 37: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 38: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 39: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 40: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 41: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC
    Chapter 42: Translate || Proofread || Clean || Typeset || QC

22 thoughts on “Liar x Liar

  1. One of the best romance Mangas I’ve read in some time. I really appreciate all of your hard work in scanlating it and I hope you continue until the end. I really want to know if everyone is right in speculating that he knows it is his sister all along.

    Love it! Thank you!


  2. Just letting you know that I am still cheering for you guys to finish this series and thanks so much for all you’ve done these years. I love how this series is building up! Good luck and hope you keep going.


  3. Thank you for all your hard work translating the chapters of Liar x Liar that you already have. I hope you find the time to continue your work on the remaining chapters. I read the first volume, translated by another, ages ago and only recently picked it back up to find the next couple of volumes had been translated as well. You have done a very good job of it. When I checked the progress I saw the last translated chapter was 02/07, leading me to be excited and believe that it was being actively translated. It was only a few seconds later when I realized it was from 2015.

    I still wish to thank you for the work you have done so far, the Manga is a joy to read.


  4. Hello I was wondering if you are still scanlating liar x liar? I am patient but if it isn’t happening ever I don’t know how it will be if I don’t know how the story is progressing. Anyway thank you for all the hard work.


    • Yes, we’re still scanlating LxL and we should have a release from the series very soon, so stick around and you will know how the story progresses soon. ^^
      Sorry that it’s taking us so long.


      • Thank god, I thought you momentarily stopped translating. Thank you very much for your hard work and patience despite your busy schedules~! We’ll do as much as support you guys! We’ll be waiting for the next chapters to come, until then, more power~!! ^^,


  5. Hi there! Thanks for all of your hard work, I really like the series! ^•^

    I was just wondering, have you dropped Liar X Liar? I was reading the latest chapter but it didn’t have a credits page. So, maybe another group has picked it up?


    • No, we haven’t dropped it, thankfully. We’re still working on it and we apologize for taking so long to release it. We should, if everything goes well, have a release in it soon. The latest group that released the new chapters were not us, so hence why there was no credits page. We’ll get to it very soon. ^^;


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