Koko dake no Hanashi.

Mangaka: Yukina Kinako
Status (Japan): 1 Volume [Complete]
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Izumi is an accidental pervert with an obsessive uniform fetish. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, she and a few friends decide to take her to a Buddhist monastery to heal her broken heart. What will happen when she meets an attractive monk there and starts to fall for him?


Special Thanks to all the time and effort everyone contributed (May 2013-March 2015): IcarusBride(RP), Neko5(TL), Jolene(TL), Mai(PR/QC), Avantika(PR), raihime(PR), Slumb(CL), Nym(CL/QC), Haruka Tray Tracy(CL),  Joey(CL/QC), blue3wind(TS), Chillyy(TS), pinkloala2(TS)


4 thoughts on “Koko dake no Hanashi.

  1. Hi there, maybe I can try to help on this particular chapter. What say you? Please let me know if you’re okay-ed with this proposal (just so you know, I might doing the job a lil’ longer than a normal cleaner since I’m quite a newbie in the cleaning field)

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