Kanojo to Kanojo no Renai

Mangaka: Satori Tae
Status (Japan): 1 Volume [Complete]
Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Story 1 – She and Her Love
“17 years old. We’re not children, yet we’re not adults. But every serious matter is worthy of attention.” Bored with everyday life, Haruka was feeling that she wanted something hot. And then one day, did you know of the hot Miki who has no female friends’ “unexpected face without makeup”…?

Story 2 – Only Loving You
Oshima Akito, the handsome new transfer student, catches the attention of Koto Hana. One day, Hana boldly asks him out when he makes her heart beat fast. How will he respond?

Story 3 – Please Make Me Happy!
Fed up with her family issues, Mitsuru, goes out and seeks happiness in boyfriends that seem to only want her for her body. Tired of this life and wishing for true happiness, she turns to her closest friend, Shiyoji, who through various ways tries to return the smile on her face and stop the tears running down her cheeks.

Story 4 – To the Crybaby Forehead Princess!
Being tall has it perks, but Kaoru can’t quite seem to see the beauty in her height. Always selfconscious of her height, she tries to avoid short people, and dreams of having a boyfriend who is taller than her. Lost in her daily dreams, she finds herself pulled back to reality by the energetic Ei-kun.



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