Love Like Crazy

Mangaka: Hwang Mi-Ri
Status (Korea): 11 Volumes [Complete]
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Han Se In finds street fighter Moon Ji Soo on the street. When she tries to help him, he tells her to go away. Se In wants an apology but Ji Soo won’t give one. She then slaps him and runs. Moon Ji Soo wants revenge…

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Special Thanks to all the time and effort everyone contributed (September 2012-Dec 2014): Hatori(TL), Truyhoi(TL/TS), GetLoose(TL), Sphiel(TL/PR), Somniatisaucupe(TL), Gem(TL), BlackRabbit(TL), Soumi(TL), Qthi(TL), rswd123(PR), Meganissimo(PR), Sylpharion(PR), Cheshirecaine(PR), Kelly(PR), bluesheep(PR), acorn444(PR), twoleafedclover(PR), The Alpha.(CL), War Torn(CL), jacq ray (CL), blue3wind(CL), Idelia(CL), Haruka Tray Tracy (CL), elyiz(CL), saranghachi(TS), Mochii (TS), Huntern(TS), Seraph9(TS), Chelmq (TS), Shin様(TS), Skyberry(TS), Ariminty (TS), Tsuchii(TS), Soryu(TS), Jem (TS), Cylln (TS), Azura(PR/CL/QC), Joey(PR/CL/TS/QC), Mai(QC), Nym(QC)


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