Kono Atatakai Hizashi no Naka de

Mangaka: Saito Rin
Status (Japan): 2 Volumes [Complete]
Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Kamiyoshi Hina is a new transfer student. She was looking forward to spending her school days with peace and ease. Unfortunately, that thought flew out the window when she was appointed class representative and seated next to the school’s infamous delinquent, Mikuni Satoshi.

According to rumors, Mikuni Satoshi gets into fights and spends the nights working as a gigolo. Are there any truths to the rumors? What will happen when the two meet? Is there more to Kamiyoshi Hina’s cheerful demeanor and Mikuni Satoshi’s delinquent behavior? Read to find out!



6 thoughts on “Kono Atatakai Hizashi no Naka de

  1. Why not here too?
    Or the purpose is so that you registered in any case in the forum? I am from Germany and do not know if my t-online.de email address would go. Had there been more problems with it.


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