• Translators ( Japanese, Korean)
    Status: OPEN || Email for test
    Description – Translates text from raw manga scans to English, then provides a typed Word document of the translation.
    Requirements – Translator must be fluent in English, as well as have an intermediate or advanced level in the language they are applying for.
  • Proofreaders
    Status: CLOSED [ EXPERIENCE NEEDED ] || Test
    Description – Corrects all grammar, spelling, and punctuation
    errors, rephrases sentences if necessary, and marks down if there are missing translations.
    Requirements – Proofreader must be fluent in English and have a high level understanding of proper grammar, spelling, and
  • Typesetters
    Status: OPEN || Test

    Description – Typesets English text that has been previously translated and
    proofread, onto the cleaned raw manga scans provided by the cleaner.
    Requirements – Typesetter must be very familiar with the
    program they are using (in this case, it’s Photoshop) and must be able to provide typesetted material in .psd files with all layers
  • Cleaners
    Status: OPEN  || Test
    Description – Cleans all the text and dust found in raw manga scans, as well as re-draws pictures, joins pages, and crops images, and lastly, provides a cleaned .psd file.
    Requirements – Cleaner must be familiar with the program they are using to clean raw manga scans (in this case, it’s Photoshop) and must be able to provide them in .psd format with all layers
  • Table will be updated as positions are filled: