We ONLY allow one group per language, unless there’s two groups doing a joint. We would really appreciate it if you can notify us first and leave our credit pages attached to your release(s).

Below is a link to an excel table, which you can use as reference before asking us for permission.

If the language of the manga, that you want to re-translate, is
already taken by another group, you will not have our permission to re-translate it.
Excel Table

*Note: If you are from a group that has already gotten our
permission to re-translate a particular project and you aren’t listed on the table, please email one of the admins.


19 thoughts on “Re-translate

  1. Hello! I’m of a new scan group , and I want to re-translate the manga Namakizakiri of yours. I see in the table that the Lady Otomen are translating this manga, but I went on this site and I don’t found it. It is not in theirs page of on-going manga. I would like to know if I can re -translate this manga, because I think that Lady Otomen scans are not translating it , or abandoned it. Thank you for the attention!


  2. Hello,
    I’m Zephire from Michi Yujo. We’re a French team.
    I want to ask you your permission to re-translate in French Ijiwaru Houteishiki.
    Thank you very much.


  3. hi there mystic iris scans, thanks alot for all the beautiful projects you’ve had us read and enjoy.

    this is forever young from the turkish group “oyalanan manga”, and this is our batoto page:

    I would like to have your permission for retranslating “sohite hare ni naru” into turkish. we’re going to give credit to antisense scans and the website, of course.
    thanks in advance.


  4. Hello. First sorry for my broken english !
    I’m leader of a vietnamese translating group in Viet Nam. We are interested in your projects so we hope that we could have your permission to re-translate “Gakuen ouji”, “Shireba Shiruhodo”, “Yashio to Mikumo”, and “Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake” to vietnamese, of course we’ll credit you. (Sorry if that’s too much TT_TT)
    Here is my group:
    I am looking forward to your answer. Please, reply me soon! Thank you very much for your hard work! =)))
    ~Your sincerely~


  5. Hi, I’m from Polish scanlation group Hitsuji Scans and we want ask for a permission to retranslate Liar x Liar.

    Cherry Scans which had the permission to retranslate the manga had retired in June and we took over some of their projects – one of them is Liar x Liar. It’s all written in their last post here: We got the aggrement in this matter. We just want to continue the lovely project^^

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  6. Hi, I’m of a new scan Vietnamese group (only me) and I want to re-translate the manga Shinigami Tantei To Yuurei Gakuen of yours. I hope that i could have your permission to re-translate this manga. I am looking forward to your answer. Thankyou!


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