On March 2, 2012, Azura created Mystic Iris. After the site’s creation, she vigorously searched high and low for members to be part of her scanlation family. She jumped from manga forum to manga forum, posting recruitment ads whenever she came across the opportunity. After she had exhausted all the sources she can find to catch the eyes and attention of her future family members, she went back to her empty site and waited. Sure, there were members that came answering the ad that joined, but they never stayed long. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later when one particular member joined that will break a record in MI history…

Near the end of March, it was just a normal, run of the mill day for this one girl. She was just strolling around innocently online, reading a manga series here or there and then… she saw it. Right before her very eyes, enshrined in a halo and glowing with the warmth of a thousand suns was the RECRUITMENT AD! Wasting no time, her fingers flew swiftly across the keyboard as she typed in the email and expressed her ardent need to be part of the MI family…

You got mail.”  was what Azura heard as she was customizing the group’s website when that voice broke through the silence. Jumping out of her seat in excitement, she opened the tab to her email. It was there that she received Kelly’s brief and simple member request. It would be under a matter of an hour before Kelly would pass Azura’s test and become… MI’s first official PR!

As the months passed, Azura adjusted to the high turnover rate of the members that joined. Without any reliable assistance (aside from Kelly), she spent most of her time filling in for all the necessary steps needed to prepare a chapter for readers, such as translating, cleaning, typesetting, and quality checking.

DUN! DUN! DUN! Then August came and