Another Hot Summer Day

Hello Everyone!

Man whats with the heat making people become lazy and don’t want to do anything. Its so hot over here, reaching 100 degree Fahrenheit and it makes me just wanna lie in bed all day and not do anything. Anyway since its really hot and I’m really wanna take a nap, I’ll cut to the chase and just give you guys the release of the day!

Oh also, We’re still looking for a Translator for Shini! So if you’re interested please do apply! 😀


The Country is Saved! Vol 6 Chapter 26


4 thoughts on “Another Hot Summer Day

  1. thanks for the new chapter! yall so lucky its warm whereever you are because its been raining a lot where i live and we barely get to see the sun out


    • No problem! But is it the cool rain or the humidity rain cause if its the former then I would prefer that over what i’m getting! lol


      • i think its the humidity rain but still we cant even plan to go to the beach or anything because of the rain. But i get your situation and would understand why you’d want it to rain there. I hope it gets cooler whereever you live ❤


        • Oh yeah..i guess its true you can’t do much when it rain. Thanks! I hope it stop raining over there so you can enjoy the beach! 😀


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