S’mores BBQ!

Yay! It’s Friday! I been craving s’mores this whole week since the grocery ads have selling all the ingredients for it. I planned a BBQ with my friends because I wanted to make them over the fire. None of my friends seem excited to eat that though lol. They rather eat burgers, hotdogs, and chicken instead -_-. Anyone have any yummy plans this weekend?


The Country is Saved! Volume 5 Chapter 22


4 thoughts on “S’mores BBQ!

  1. Thank you for your hard work!!!!!! I am honestly so in love with the heroine- rarely you ever get to read about such a sensible heroine and guy who is actually nice towards the girl he likes..


  2. Hope you have a great weekend. I would love some news whatsoever about the manga you’ve been working on, Orange Chocolate. It’s one of my favororites out of the hundreds that I’ve read. If you have to email me Dx I hate not being able to read it but there’s nothing I can do to contribute or help 😦


  3. thanks for the new chapter! On sunday night i’m traveling to Indonesia with my friends. I’m so excited Im still up at 2:35 am on a saturday because I can’t sleep. But it’s okay since one of my fav mangas can keep me company.

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