Inside Look

Hey! Hope everyone’s doing well today. Since we been getting some questions on the status of our other series, I thought I’ll explain the structure we have in the group for this post.

Our series are divided between project managers in our group. The project managers lead the staff in those series and they release when a chapter is completed. If the staff for the series are inactive or complete their task slowly then it’ll delay the project manager from releasing the chapter. We have this kind of structure so there won’t be one person burdened with managing the chapter process and staff for ALL of our series.

For those that didn’t read my post last month, I stated that The Country is Saved is the series that I’ll be working on since my translator for it is active. Aside from being the project manager of TCIS, I am also the editor for this series, so I just need to depend on my translator to be able to do the releases. I help out with other series when I have nothing to do for my own series. Hopefully, this explains why one series is more active compared to others.


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 20-20.1


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