The Phoenix Arisen From the Ashes

Hello Everyone!

I’m back from the dead! lol I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Right now Texas’ heat is killing me ahh and it haven’t even gotten to its worst yet! Maybe I spent too long in Hawaii. I was hoping for a nice calm summer before I start Pharmacy school but I just found out all my cousins are staying at my house for the whole summer!! There goes sleeping 😦 Oh well I love them, just wish they weren’t such energetic little brats I mean angels. lol

So recently (not really, its almost been a year) I gotten into a new hobby instead of reading mangas and webtoons, I’m now into this kpop group BTS. They’re such adorable dorks so if anyone knows them or are interested in them, hit me up and we can chat! lol 😀

As Joey has promise, I am here to release you some goodies while she is busy with entertaining her guests! 😀 Here is the latest chapter of The Country is Saved


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 18

❤ Kelly


6 thoughts on “The Phoenix Arisen From the Ashes

  1. Thanks so much for picking up The country is saved!!! I remember reading it ages back and really loving it… but when the translations went on hiatus I eventually gave up hope of ever finding out what happened next… so imagine my surprise when I suddenly came across it after years and found it was being updated again!!! You really made my day 😀 Thanks again!


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