Role Reversal

What did everyone think about last chapter? I really didn’t like that chapter since Sang Woo got hurt. There was only one scene that made me appreciate Min Seo’s unique personality. I read a lot of shoujo plots before and most of the time it’s the girl that walks in on a misunderstanding and after that happens, there actually would be guys that don’t chase after the girl! In Min Seo’s case, she didn’t even care that her “love” Jun Hyun was trying to stop her, she pulled away from him without any hesitation to chase Sang Woo. I like that about her.

Also, releases for TCIS might be slower for the next two weeks cause I have family visiting and coursework to do. If I can’t make the post, then I’ll have Kelly cover for me so you guys won’t have to wait too long. Hopefully, now that Mai and Ari active, they’ll have something to release for you guys too~


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 17


2 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Thanks so much for updating! I love watching Min Seo so clearly falling for Sang Woo, not even knowing it. I really like how she treats Jun Hyun and his feelings as irrelevant and makes clear effort so to put Sang Woo first though she may not acknowledge it yet.

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  2. I love her character and her straight forward attitude! She is smart and has good comebacks. I saw raws for the end of the series and am so intrigued! Thank you for all the efforts you put in for this series!


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