Cleaning out the Closet

I never liked the task of removing inactive staff members from our group, especially when I have a lot of fond memories with them. When our founder left us, I think I took over a year to remove her from our list because I would keep telling myself and people around me that she will be back. Now, our founder is a myth to most of our staff here since they only heard of her, but never talked to her personally. Sigh…Kelly and I are the only active ones around that joined the first year. Anyway, I had to clean up our staff list today after we did roll call and as I expected, I still kept all the inactive staff members that I had memories with on the list because I have hopes they’ll return one day. Knowing myself, I’ll probably keep them on a little longer than needed while Mai fights me on removing each of them since that was how our founder was finally removed from our group. >.<


The Country is Saved! Volume 4 Chapter 16


5 thoughts on “Cleaning out the Closet

  1. I really appreciate all of the work you do for us fans! I had given up all hope of any new chapters of The Country is Saved and you have added so many! I hope you make many more memories!


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