Finished with Volume 3

I actually finished working on all the chapters for Volume 3 earlier in the week. I was just lazy in finishing the last step before releasing. I already started working on Volume 4 and…ugh, it’s so moody. I’m not really a fan of Jun Hyun, but he’s in more scenes in this volume. I just don’t feel the chemistry between them and I feel like he’s there to stir trouble. Is anyone cheering for Jun Hyun?


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 15-15.1


4 thoughts on “Finished with Volume 3

  1. Thank you kindly for all ur hard work I love this storie but I must say I do agree with u on that shady business he just doesn’t seem invested in her and I am rutting for sang woo also 🤗 Either way I like to thank u and staff for bring this manga to life for us . I look fward everyday to reading a new chapter of The country is saved! 😊


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