I finished the Knights of Sidonia. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I was pretty disappointed :/. I started another series called Click Your Heart. Apparently, it’s a web series where you get to choose who the MC ends up with. The MC is pretty and so are some of the guys. It reminds me of reading reverse harems and how I’ll always be disappointed since the guy I root for never ends up with the MC. Hopefully, the series will end the way I want lol.

On a side note, Kelly abandoned me and went off to Hawaii. I’m so jelly -_-. She chose going there over visiting me >.<! Bet she’s enjoying her coconut drinks, wearing leis, and meeting sexy surfers on the beach…


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 14


5 thoughts on “Jelly

  1. I loved to click your heart and it ended with the way I expected it to end cuz if she chooses one then some will be disappointed with her choice so overall the ending was expected of these types of shows. It had similar themes to the anime amnesia where she gets to experience dating every guy. Plus thanks for the update of the new chapter.


    • Thanks for responding 🙂 I finished watching the series. It was ok, I liked the baseball player the most so I wanted more development between them, but I guess it made sense that with this style of a series they had to keep every character’s story limited :/


  2. Yeah, I tried to read the manga of Knights of Sidonia and I just didn’t like it at all. Not surprised the anime wasn’t that good either. It was kind of depressing and things weren’t explained well, was the anime like that too?


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