Hot and Humid

Don’t know about you guys, but summer always makes me wish for fall to come faster. When my friend’s sister first planned for her wedding, she chose a date in what I considered to be the hottest month of summer (July). We would have to be outside in such hot and sticky weather all dressed up with mosquitoes around. -_-  The guys would probably be sweating through their suits at that event >.<.! Luckily, she found a cheaper venue in the fall so that was the wedding we went to instead. The downside of that was that she chose the end of the month in fall that bordered onto winter so we were freezing instead LOL.

Also, I’m just going to continue with this release style then, since those that commented on my last post were fine with it. This means that you guys will be stuck hearing from me often lol.

O! And please check out the post that Kelly did the other day. If you guys have time, can you answer the poll so we can have an idea of what series is favored now?


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 12


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