Sleepy (-_-)

Hey guys,

Have a great Friday! I was delayed in releasing this yesterday since I got distracted so I ruined the pattern I wanted to go with where there were at most 2 days in between each release. O wellz… This is going to be a short post since I’m pretty tired. The only news that I have so far is that one of our admins started to do a roll call around our group, so we’re slowly gathering our forces again. Ah, before I forget, what was the preference you guys had on releases? Did you prefer a chapter to be released when we had it ready or for us to stock up and then release? I think we asked this question a few years ago when we first started out lol.


The Country is Saved! Volume 3 Chapter 11


3 thoughts on “Sleepy (-_-)

  1. Thanks so much for all the releases of TCIS! 😀

    As far as release frequency goes, I’d prefer getting a chapter as soon as you’re done with it, but either way is fine.


  2. thank you for the new chapters ! I also agree its better to just upload once you’re done with the chapter so we dont have to wait.


  3. Thank you for the release of TCIS! Yay another chapter *happy dance*

    I’d prefer getting a release as soon as you guys are done with it, but I’m fine with either way


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