Made it to Week 2!

Good news everyone! Well, it’s specifically for The Country is Saved! readers lol. Jay (our K-TL) agreed to stay on to help us finish The Country is Saved! Since she is currently active then I’m going to keep up with her translations so that she would continue with the series. Bad news is that Nice Guy Syndrome will be released at a slower pace.



Nice Guy Syndrome Volume 8 Chapter 32


2 thoughts on “Made it to Week 2!

  1. Thank you guys for keeping the manga alive !! regardless of how long it takes to release the chapters atleast knowing that someone is working on them is still nice to know!!!


  2. Just want to say thanks for coming out of hiatus. Had me worried, too many decent scanlator groups have disappeared along the wayside. I thought you were next. Ok, here’s my question. Any chance of seeing any updates of Gakuen Ouji anytime soon? Thanks.


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