Happy Mother’s Day!!

To go with the flow of the previous releases and also because I promised you guys this chapter ages ago, I sat down this weekend and worked really hard to finish it quickly. ^^ 

Makes it even more special because it’s on MOTHER’S DAY! Yeee~ How are you celebrating this weekend? Share some of your past and current ideas in the comments. I would love to read them. I for instance, live very far away from my Mother at the moment, so I can’t hug her on this day, but I find a way to communicate with her and still appreciate her. ^^

On another note, I just want to inform you that Nagareboshi Lens chapters will continue to be worked on, as the next two chapters have already been cleaned and they just need to be typesetted. As I truly do have some important work to finish before this, the next chapters will come out around June, so please hang in there. I do apologize for such an incredible delay, but if you knew my reasons, I think you would understand. *bows* 
This same goes for the other series I’m working on, so expect the summer to be an amazing summer. ^^


Nagareboshi Lens Volume 6 Chapter 24 [Twinkle 19]

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Yours truly,


11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. im planning to send my mother a teacher with my face on it so whenever she misses me she can wear that shirt 😂😂


  2. Thank you so much for releasing a new chapter of Nagareboshi Lens. So happy right now. I was scared you guys had eventually dispeared for good after your long hiatus but I’m delighted to see that’s not the case.
    Then, Can I expect a new chapter or more of Bokura wa Itsumo to be released this summer ? That’d be awesome !
    About Mother’s Day, in my country, it will be on may 28th, so I haven’t celebrated it yet. And I do understand how you feel about living far away from your mom as I do too. But, I’ll get to celebrate with her anyway cause I’ll be going there. (=^w^=)


    • That’s great. I hope you have a wonderful time together~! ^^

      BI is also on the list for the summer. Many people were asking for it, so I’m definitely going to work on it next month. (:


        • We only have resources to do one more chapter to finish up the current volume, but we’ll drop it afterwards, because we have no staff to work on it, sadly.


          • Ack! That sucks! I understand though because it does seem like the group is understaffed and I’m happy to see it revived again at least in part.

            …..and if you ever need staff……..


            • Well, for now we can only accept experienced staff members, as neither of us two can find time to train anyone at the moment, unfortunately. Maybe later. (:


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