Hmm…I finished working on this chapter earlier than I expected. I still feel rusty though even with the practice with working on this series. I still can’t believe that Volume 2 is done though. We picked it up in 2013, and now 4 years later…Volume 2 completed… LOL! Ahhhh, but it couldn’t be helped since we had a hard time finding translators for it. Anyway, if we’re lucky then my returning translator, Jay, will start working on Volume 3 soon~! Meanwhile, for this following week, I’m going to move on to Nice Guy Syndrome as I stated before for my short-term goal since there are no more translations for The Country is Saved.


The Country is Saved! Volume 2 Chapter 10-10.1


2 thoughts on “Another

  1. Thank you so much for finishing up volume 2. I hope you guys will back to do Volume 3 pretty soon because this story is addicting. Again thank you so much for working hard to bring out these chapters for us!


  2. Thanks for finishing volume 2! I hope there’s gonna be a volume 3, cuz our heroine is in some weird relationship thing (THREESOME and maybe with a side of hot sensei).

    Ahaha, I’m just kidding (mostly). Thanks for the chapter~ and happy mother’s day!


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