Happy Friday!

It’s the weekend for Mother’s Day! I hope you guys have all been wracking your brains for a great present! I know I have, especially since my mom rejects ALL the ideas I have been proposing to her all week long >.<! She’s SOOOOO picky!!

Aside from my Mother’s Day dilemma, I  realized that some of my guy friends are very odd… So Friend A told me yesterday that he was flirting with a girl on this site KNOWING that it’s Friend B pretending to be a girl. Then I find out that Friend B made an account on that website for the purpose of getting my Friend A to flirt with him. They both have gfs, but seriously they do the weirdest things online…. I just don’t understand what the goal was for them…

Anyway, here’s a release and have a great weekend~~!


The Country is Saved! Volume 2 Chapter 9


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Yes! Thanks for the update~ I’m loving this manga so much! The heroine is really too great (flowers, lol) and the main lead has an adorable side. Also, good luck with getting a present! Or maybe just cook your mom dinner?


    • Thanks! I already offered to cook, but the only thing I like to cook is chicken. I offered to cook her 5 different chicken recipes for one meal on Mother’s Day, but she told me that she was already sick of the week that I made chicken for her for every meal >.<. Sighhh I think I might just make a coupon book in the end.


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