Despite How It May Seem, We’re Alive

That’s right! You’re not just seeing things! After over half a year, we bring you new chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will this release mark the start of a new era for Mystic Iris? Or are we already doomed, this release only serving as a means to avert our eyes away from our impending demise?

I really hope that it isn’t the latter.

With that prayer in mind, you may move on to enjoy the goods (if you didn’t read my heartfelt message, you suck).


Gakuen Ouji – Volume 8, Chapter 31
Biyaku Cafe – Volume 6 Chapter 28 – Chapter 28.1 (Joint with Decadence Scans)


14 thoughts on “Despite How It May Seem, We’re Alive

  1. Oh~ Okaeri~ (^O^)/
    I was really happy getting a notification that you’re back , we’ve missed you a lot

    Thank you so much for your hard work and for trying your best against all odds ♥
    really appreciate that, wishing you the best in everything you do,and praying for your success and happiness in life ( and won’t lie,I hope to see more of your translations as well 😀 )

    Have a lovely day ✿


  2. Keep up the good work! It is good to see that you’re back. I just hope you find time to translate more Liar x Liar, it’s really my favorite.


  3. I tried many methods to get in contact with Mystic Iris, I would like to help out and help make the releases quicker, unfortunately I never recieved a response.


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