Still Standing



It’s summer end! Hope everyone had a great summer! I know I did with all the firsts I got to accomplish this summer! Kekekeke! Going to Arkansas was one of them. That place is SO boring and hot -.- Everything is SO far away from each other too. Scenery is nice and all, but that’s the only thing they got going in my eyes. Anyway, most of us here have been inactive this summer with either school, internships, travelling or just random life events that keep dragging us away from our beloved group. Since we’re down on staff, we’ll be slower with releases than usual so please bear with us~ Also, we’re in need of J-translators and typesetters!! Please apply if you’re interested in our series~~~


Namaikizakari. Volume 3 Chapter 14
Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko Volume 3 Chapter 15
Nagareboshi Lens Volume 6 Chapter 22
Bokura wa Itsumo Volume 8 Chapter 45 (Joint with Lychee Scans)


10 thoughts on “Still Standing

  1. It’s too bad you guys dropped namaiki 😦 your translations and cleaning was the best. Naruse’s cheekiness only shone through your translations and I always felt like you guys had the most accurate translation ^^ thanks for all the chapters you guys translated!


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