It’s Friday~!


How’s everyone doing? Hopefully, you guys are having an amazing day/night~ I’ll admit that us being quiet for this long might be unusual even for us being a lax group and all. For that, I apologize and I made time earlier this week to remedy the situation ^^


Nagareboshi Lens – QCer plans to work on the two upcoming chapters this weekend so fingers crossed!

Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri – New series that we’ve been working on since earlier this year. It’s a 1 Volume oneshot collection by Fujio Ai. As they are oneshots, we’re not going to release them in a sequential order and just go by our interest in each story instead.

We’re in dire need of Japanese translators so please apply!


Bokura wa Itsumo Volume 8 Chapter 44 [Joint with Lychee Scans] (Released earlier this month by Lychee.)
Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen Volume 1 Chapter 5.2
Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri Volume 1 Chapter 4
Namaikizakari. Volume 3 Chapter 13
Gakuen Ouji Volume 8 Chapter 30 [Joint with Vesperum]


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