What a month!!!

Blue is here again… Yes, everyone called me “Blue” and I like to be called like that too. There are lots of thing happen in this month. First of all, it is Friday the 13th. Did something strange happen to you? For me, something strange did happened but it is not on Friday the 13th. It happened on 12th, when I went to take my queuing number from three different banks (I went from one bank to another at the different time and yes, I went to three banks in one day). All my queuing number are 1044. So isn’t it strange?

Also, the Valentine’s Day, February 14th, came next after Friday 13th. What did you on that day? In here, it is common for guy to give flower or chocolate to his girlfriend or family. Unlike Japanese manga, there is no white day here.

Lastly, it is Chinese New Year. Anyone celebrate it? I have a lot of thing to prepare and of course, a red pocket. It’s the traditional here for the elder (Married People) to give red pocket to single person in the family even though they are older. Few years ago, there are lots of Lion Dancing and as new year day is near, we will hear the sound of drum from Lion Dancing. I’m not sure if there are any in this year because I rarely saw one for the last two year.

This is Lion Dancing

Too much of my story, here is the release:

Biyaku Café Volume 05 Chapter 24  – Joint with Transcendence Scans


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