Light up the night!

Today’s the birthday celebration of our amazing member, Ariminty!!! WAHHH~~~ Cue the fireworks!!! She’s a triple threat with her proofreading, cleaning and typesetting skills~ Man, this girl knows how to bring life to the text she typesets! The way she arranges and chooses the fonts she works with are like a work of art! Makes the reading experience so enjoyable and all the characters in a chapter have emotion with the different text she uses to depict their feelings. Lol if any of you guys read some of the series that she’s worked on then you’ll get my meaning. Or you guys could just read the two chapters that we’re releasing today that she worked on too(Gakuen Ouji and Kingyo no Fun)!

Best wishes of boundless happiness to the birthday girl!! I’m glad that we get the chance to celebrate today! Kekeke!! Hope you are having or had a memorable birthday today~~


From Ana: “Ariminty is a triple-threat wonderkund. She can PR, clean, and type-set like no other. Seriously, I do not know her in real life, but in real life she’s probably a force to be reckoned with or, if she were in high school with me — back in the day — she and I would either be great friends who do great work or bullies. And bullying still requires great work to be remembered.”


Gakuen Ouji Volume 8 Chapter 29
Kingyo no Fun Volume 1 Chapter 2
Namaikizakari. Volume 2 Chapter 12


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