Another One Bites the Dust~

Originally, I wanted our amazing translator, Somniatisaucupe, to end this series for us with a release, but it seems that real life must have gotten a hold of her since she didn’t come on. Did you guys know that, under a span of 4 months she was able to finish the last 4 volumes? She was so committed to beating our cleaners to the last chapter too hahaha Anyway, under that same amount of time, we were able to finish cleaning AND typesetting the chapters with the help of our amazing staff members. We finished right before this year ends too~ How lucky!

These are all the great people that helped with cleaning (CL) and typesetting (TS): The Alpha. (CL), War Torn (CL), jacq ray (CL), blue3wind (CL), Idelia (CL), Haruka Tray Tracy (CL), Mochii (TS), Chelmq (TS), Ariminty (TS), Tsuchii (TS), Soryu (TS), Jem (TS), and Cylln (TS).

o0o and I can’t forget our proofreaders too~ : Kelly, rswd123, bluesheep, acorn444, Sylpharion, and twoleafedclover.

I’m honestly really happy now! This was one of the first series assigned to me by our founder when I joined this group 2 years ago and now it’s COMPLETED~~~~~~ It’s so hard to believe! I feel like I’m walking on air!! KEKEKE! If you guys are LLC fans, PLEASE thank our staff for their hard work!! No lie, we went ALL out! We even had a folder titled “Love Like Crazy Battlefield” that most of us worked from. It was intense… Hahahah I feel like we all changed after we finished…

To be honest, I can go on and on about all the interesting conversations that transpired as we worked on this series, but I’m sure you guys are anxious to go read now SOOOOOO…..

Here are the releases:

Love Like Crazy Volume 11 Chapter 41 – Chapter 44 (END)
Machi de Uwasa no Tengu no Ko Volume 2 Chapter 13.1
Nice Guy Syndrome Volume 8 Chapter 30





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