New series?

Oh hey guys!! I’m back..AGAIN.. 4th time for this month. LOL. Today I’m not just all bluff and keep on talking nonsense like usual. I’ve actually got good news today!!!!!! We’ve picked up a new series YAYYYYY. It’s called Kingyo no Fun, by Sakurada Hina. LOL. We do realize that 1/3 of the first chapter for this series have already been translated, but since the other group was inactive, we decided to pick it up.LOL. This one is one FULL chapter, not just a portion of it LOL. Man, I gotta say this series was good and WICKED/TWISTED….*NO SPOILERS, lol* OMG, it nearly killed the people who worked on this series…It was toooo much…..We just picked up this series a few days ago…and because we (well mostly me…LOL) wanted to release it before the year ends, the staff spent almost the whole day working it. Everyone worked really hard for this chapter and spent approx. 3 days on it. Man, it was painful….OMG…LOL. NOW FINALLY, today, we’re releasing:

Kingyo no Fun Volume 1 Chapter 1 <—this is the one I was talking about… . This is not your typical shoujo manga. LOL

Love Like Crazy Volume 10 Chapter 40


4 thoughts on “New series?

  1. Haha, you’re writing ‘LOL’ quite often. 😛 Thanks for the news, I’ll definitely give it a try.
    If it holds what the synopsis says, then it might be a good read and interesting. I don’t think I’ve read/or seen a work where they start right off as step-siblings yet. It’s either they are siblings and stay siblings or they are siblings and later one of them is adopted (-_-; more common).

    Keep up your good work anyway. ;P


    • HAHHA. I realized too…but I just couldn’t help writing that. Well, this is basically the shortest summary of this series, but…it’s not as thorough as you would see throughout the whole manga. I finished the whole manga…it was really good… you should probably try it out too. Hope you enjoy reading it.


  2. I have always a fan of Sakurada Hina, her works are always twisted and I like it.
    Thank you for picking this manga, I was so sad when there’s no update from previous group. And seems like that group is inactive (though I realize the group had always had slow release like one chapter for one or two month)
    Thank you so much!!!! I’ll always waiting for this manga till the end 😀 😀


  3. Thank you for picking up kingyo no fun (very tempted to write the name in English)! I’m a big fan of Sakurada Hina’s manga! Her stories are always different from typical shoujo & I enjoy the twists. I’m looking forward to finally reading the rest of this one. Thanks again!


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