Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

What day is today? December 25th, the day you get tons of presents from your friends, families, lovers and SANTA; aka Christmas. HO HO HO. Santa is coming to TOWN. YAYYYYY LOL. Are you guys excited????  I bet you are LOL. (Though I won’t be getting any presents , sad life I have right here. Christmas is just a normal day to me. It’s only good since I get winter break from school HAHA, that’s all) Hmmm…..Christmas…….That reminds me of something. What christmas songs do you guys listen to. Jingle Bells? LOL. Jingle Bells reminds me of the song I once heard people sang. “Jingle Bells your feet smells, Jingle all the way. ” HAHHAHA It’s funny lol. Btw…As a present from me to everyone, Here is a picture I’ve photoshopped (I know it’s bad lol, but I tried my best 😀 )



Well, enough of my NONSENSE and let’s go back to the MAIN TOPIC; Releases!!!! So today, we have plenty of chapters to release:

Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen Volume 2 Chapter 10

Love Like Crazy Volume 10 Chapter 38

Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato [Oneshot]

Biyaku Café Volume 05 Chapter 21.2 – Chapter 22  – Joint with Transcendence Scans





4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  1. Merry Christmas to you too!!!!!!!
    I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day and that your socks were full of manga this morning ;P
    Thanks a thousand for all these releases :***************

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