‘Tis the Season for Giving

Hey! Hope everyone’s having a great time and staying FAAARRRRR away from the shopping frenzy that’s going on at the stores. Sigh…I tell myself every year to do my Christmas shopping in November and yet every year I’m out doing last minute shopping. Not going to lie, whoever said that “‘Tis the season for giving” was spot on. Man, the verbal abuse people were “giving” out in the stores today was ridiculous… In fact, it’s downright crazy. I mean, there was no joy in the air or holiday spirit there, especially not in the lines where we are only a cashier away from leaving! People were trading rude remarks and glares with an older couple that couldn’t decide on which line they wanted to get in so they were moving back and forth. The worst part was that after the older couple decided to ignore the remarks, the people turned around and talked to the other people in line, generating an even LARGER group of people making rude remarks and sending death glares to that couple. I’ll admit, the lines were long and it was crowded, but it’s not like it was Disney where it’ll make sense to have fights in lines to go on a super cool ride… The only ride I can see after the cashier would be the car ride. Yea… and what fun that was…Navigating around ALL the cars lining up for spots in different rows, watching out for multiple cars that decide to back out at the same time towards my car, being blocked in at different parts of the parking lot…yea… Best. Experience. Of. My. Life. O and the icing on the cake was the pedestrians that can’t comprehend the logic of looking both ways when they cross the street. It’s like these people want to give all the drivers there a chance to test their breaks and luck in avoiding a fender bender. Smh.

In MI news, we have a poll! Yay! Since we’re still down on cleaners for most of our projects, it seems like it’ll be better to just focus on one series and get through that instead of making slow to no process on all of our older series at once. So Bwss and NL are the choices because the staff on them have been consistent so far and they just need a CL to help them out.

Also, we plan to drop Nice Guy Syndrome (no CL) and The Country is Saved! (no K TL) if no one comes around by our next anni. I am disappointed that I might not be able to see The Country is Saved! through, but there hasn’t been a TL that has stayed with us for it. Sure, we get people that apply, but most of them just disappear after we give them a chapter… I’ve heard comments about the difficulty of the text before with the law vocab, references and word play so maybe that’s the reason? >.<

Now, onto our releases:

Itsuka Kimitachi mo Otona ni Naru Volume 1 Chapter 5.1 [END]  YES! Finally we finished with this series! This is the third series that Yuki (TL) and I both tagged team on and finished~~ So proud! ^-^

Love Like Crazy Volume 10 Chapter 37




5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Giving

  1. Thanks a lot for all this month’s releases
    I sincerely wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! from the bottom of my heart. Thanks a lot :**************


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