Hey guys, I’m finally back from my finals. YAY lol. Oh my god….I finally get to chill down and relax after weeks of studying… YES, PROCRASTINATION and WINTER BREAK time. I’m totally ready for it LOL. Well, for those of you who still haven’t finished with your finals yet, GOOD LUCK and HOPE YOU PASS YOUR FINALS. LOL. For those that survived the finals, GOOD FOR YOU DUDE. Come party with me here ONLINE…ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE IT. YAYYYY. GOOD BYE FINALS!!!! SEE YOU NEXT SEMESTER (ughh, tho I don’t really wanna see it again) Well, guess I should stop talking about the FINALS, since it depresses ppl in more ways than one. Whatever, forget it then LOL.

Enjoy our following releases:

Itsuka Kimitachi mo Otona ni Naru Volume 1 Chapter 5

Love Like Crazy Volume 9 Chapter 35

***btw guys..if you guys haven’t noticed, we’re doing small releases for this month as a way to celebrate for the holidays or whatever  instead of going big on Christmas****


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