Winter Release :)

Hey guys! I’m back AGAIN. well I doubt most of u would remember me tho. HAHHAHAHAHHA I’m Haruka Tray Tracy, just in case you don’t know me and I find it polite to introduce myself to people b4 talking to them…HAHAHHA..ok……As you can see the TITLE, this is part of the Winter Release. Man, winter is cold…and I’m freezing to death right now……I wish I can turn on the heater but its still a bit too early to do that. LOL…UGHHHHH WINTERRRRR omg….it reminds me of FINALS…DAMMIT >.< Well I’m pretty sure Kelly had already mentioned about FINALS on the previous releases. Man, final is so stressful……and I had to STUDY FOR WEEKS dammit….WEEEKKKKKKS…too much for me to bear….lol…..not only do I have to study for finals…I still HAVE ESSAYYYYYYYYYSSSSS…omg…Essays are killing me…..right now..HAHHAHAHA lol.. well I least I know I’m not the only one stressing over finals. lol. Now, w/o any further ado, we shall present you the following releases:

Itsuka Kimitachi mo Otona ni Naru Volume 1 Chapter 4

Love Like Crazy Volume 9 Chapter 34


13 thoughts on “Winter Release :)

  1. Thank you so much for all the updates. Seriously I really appreciate how much you guys do. ^^ But quick question is anyone willing to continue scanlation of Houkago Orange? I noticed it was dropped a while ago and I really wanted to finish the rest… I would join the staff if I could but I don’t speak any Asian languages… TT~TT So please could anyone finish this please? Thank you for listening to my requests. I know you guys work hard on all the mangas for us so I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate it. Arigatou!


      • Oh okay thank you for answering ^^ I wish I could help but I don’t know any languages *sigh* but yeah I hope some staff gains interest soon 🙂


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