Gobble Gobble. Happy Turkey Day!

Hello fellow readers! This is my first post on the new site!! LOL Well I hope you guys are having a great day today. Those of you who are in the US, I hope you’re enjoying a grand Thanksgiving Feast right now and getting ready to go Black Friday shopping! Although it bugs me that Thanksgiving dinner is so early in the day, I am glad I ate pretty early today, since I was starving all day lol. I hope those of you who are planning to go Black Friday shopping will be safe! I can never do that, I’m too afraid of the mobs and how crazy it can get. Well stay safe either you’re going to be sleeping tonight or out shopping! And for those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving, well I hope you’re having a great Thursday! Of course you guys stay safe too, with the crazy weather you have or in general.


Now what you guys have been waiting for, here are the releases today:

Sora no Yousei Volume 1 Chapter 2

Namaikizakari. Volume 2 Chapter 11

Love Like Crazy Volume 8 Chapter 31

Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi Volume 2 Chapter 11 (Joint with Simple-Scans)


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