Twice as Sweet!

From Ana and Joey:

What’s better than celebrating for one person’s birthday?! Celebrating for two! Today’s Bluesheep AND Cylln’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! In honor of them, we’re going to have a TWO chapter release! Hehe! How nice is that? Now, for those of  you that don’t know, Bluesheep is one of our “everything” members. If she’s not busy translating from Chinese to English, she’s proofreading everything. Cylln is a roaming typesetter where she helps us with various series that lack a permanent typesetter. If you have read Soshite, Haru ni Naru, Love like Crazy, or Orange Chocolate then you’ve seen her beautiful typesetting. Consistent and expressive! They both do amazing work here! Anyway, we hope you two are having an extra special day today just like the Namai and DLR fans will with these two releases!


Deep Love: Real Volume 3 Chapter 18

Namaikizakari. Volume 2 Chapter 10


9 thoughts on “Twice as Sweet!

  1. Thanks a lot. I’m a great fan of Deep Love, thanks 🙂
    Happy Birthday to Bluesheep Cylln too !!! the best of my wishes, you deserve It, have a great day. Lots of Kisses and thanks :***********


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