It’s my Birthday…

I can post and release if I want to.

Hello dear MI readers. It’s AnaBanana here with a piping fresh release of Soshite, Hare ni Naru!  November 10 marks my birthday so send some love my way.

10 is the number today and in honor of the number 10, here are some 10 random facts about me:

  1. I’m a Chicago Bulls fan and had watched games in the summer with my dad in the 90s which was the height of Michael Jordan’s reign.
  2. One of my favorite manga (mangas? Can it be plural?) is Slam Dunk.
  3. My friend Shiro, Slam Dunk, as well as Kuroko no Basketball are my unofficial references to the high school basketball world in Japan.
  4. I have a brown belt in Shorinji Kempo.
  5. I have a green belt in Hung Gar style Kung Fu.
  6. I had the biggest crush on Indiana Jones and is easily charmed by similar characters. Therefore,
  7. Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series is my video game character crush.
  8. Despite my affections towards all things Japanese, my favorite game developer is BioWare. I dream that I would, one day, work for them to some degree.
  9. I have been on Japanese television twice: Once, dressed up in a Lady Gaga-inspired outfit for her concert; the other time, I took place in a local variety game show that featured a swimming competition.
  10. I love bouldering and rock climbing.

Now, onward to the releases!

Soshite, Hare ni Naru Volume 1 Chapter 5


11 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday Anaaaaaaaaaaa!!! all of those basketball manga/anime u like.. ive read them all and watched them too..

    hope you will have more time (look who’s talking) in the forums so that i can catch you!! lollzzz.. have a great day today.. and if ever you have some cake there.. can you share some with me.. a slice would be fine..hehehe…

    thank you for being a great TL for us.. and always remember that you are one important person that we cant do without.. stay happy,, and oh! i have one line for you.. try to translate it..

    “Hindi ka ROBOT, uso and magpahinga”..

    Love lots,

    🙂 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Ana!!! I know this is a day late and that is unacceptable! I should be on top of this but I’m not. So I’m sorry. lol So I hope you had an awesome birthday yesterday and wasn’t sad that I didn’t say Happy Birthday to you until just now.


  3. Aw, you guys are too much. Lots of hugs from me to you. You know it; I know it — you guys are the best. I really can’t do this without all the care and support you all bring to the group. It’s so great to find like-minded people.

    Hugs hugs and all that jazz.


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