A Special Day For A Special Someone

Today’s Jacq’s birthday!! Happy Birthday~~~ Woot!! Woot!! I’m so happy that she’s joined us!, I can’t ask for a better person to work with or back me up on chapters I need help with! Even though she’s not feeling well today, I hope that she’s still able to have a bunch of amazing birthday dreams when the medicine knocks her out cold! O… and if I recall correctly, the release we have today is her first cleaned chapter in this group too!

You know what’s a great way to make being sick fun? Eating a bunch of ice cream!! Especially if you have a sore throat. So Jacq….you should get someone to get you ice cream (ice cream makes your throat worse, just saying…if ur throat hurts NEVER eat something sweet..-Haruka Tray Tracy) to help you with your sore throat. It would be even better if it was an ice cream cake! lol. Well I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope that you’ll feel way better and can actually enjoy the rest of your birthday week. 😀 -Kelly

Jacq!!!!!!!!! Happyyyyy Birthhhhhdayyyyyyy! I know it sucks to be sick on your birthday but…..nothing can be done now…HAVE SOME RESTTT and eatttttt healthierrrrr LOL. btw..(if ur sick…..try and eat some cough drops. It’ll ease ur pain a bit….) LOL…ok…I’ll shall give u a better bday present….though it’s just a pic LOL.brocon15     (-from Haruka Tray Tracy…only the bro-con pic though :D)


Also, Jacq, I know you weren’t planning on getting a cake for your birthday today so I got you one~ I wasn’t sure what kind of cake you preferred since Syl wasn’t able to tell me when I asked him! Tsk! Tsk! Failing as your fellow countryman…jk! Anyway, I bought different cakes when I went to the lake for this picture and this strawberry one looked prettiest again the blue ^^ Hope you like it!


Soshite, Hare ni Naru Volume 1 Chapter 4


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