The start of Namai fever!!

Hi guys!! New releases are up!! You might be wondering who the heck am i releasing on this new website of MI (just kidding)..Just call me jacq ray, or maybe jacq, and this is my first time to release Namaiki (shortcut for Namaikizakari) so please be gentle (hahaha). this series will not be that great if it weren’t for our greatest translator/proofreader *Anabanana* (a round of applause please) and for our very own Joey who is always busy..but can still give a lot of her time and effort in the group (i really miss her food blog though) and also Mai who is always looking after us from somewhere..(you cant see her but she can see us..haha) And guys, there had been some misunderstanding in one of the releases of Namai..i hope u noticed it… and we don’t want it to happen again. So we will be giving you Namai releases faster than the ones we had always be on stand by.. lol..and please support the Manga and the Mangaka if ever it becomes available in your country.. so without further delay.. i bring you..


Namaikizakari. Volume 2 Chapter 8

oh! one more thing! We are still recruiting J and C translators, cleaners and proofreaders..please do visit our recruitment forum and help us out..

Enjoy the release!!!



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