THAT was my first thought after I read my main proofreader’s PM to me two days ago. It’s hard to believe it, but… rswd’s retiring! Sniff…sniff…you know… when I found out we joined in the same month I thought we would be buddies for a long, long, long, long, long time >.< Ahhhh, the horror! What will I do without her now? If she’s not here, how can I have the opportunity to enter into a verbal battle with other people where we would each lay claim to knowing her better than the other! Of course, rswd was never around when we did that. She would have most likely found it disturbing, the way we threw out facts about her to trump the other person…yea… the random things we know about her…

Man, it’s such an odd feeling knowing that I can’t go to her anymore. I mean, who’ll help me with the last minute proofreads I need for the next day?! What about all the random times I take out in a year to send her paragraphs and paragraphs of updates on the going-ons in the group?! What will I do with all that extra time in those random moments of my year now?! Better yet, how can I celebrate the birthday I made up for her without her here? I mean, I can try, but I can’t say that people won’t look at me funny or think silly thoughts about me in the group. After all, I got this lean and mean persona I’m working on here and if I do the birthday thing, it’ll definitely take me a step back.

In the end, after +2 years in this group, real life finally caught up to rswd. We had a good run so to all the dorky memories we’ve had with her at MI, here are some releases for you readers~

Nagareboshi Lens Volume 5 Chapter 21

Orange Chocolate Volume 8 Chapter 29 [Joint with Akuma Love Scans]


PS! Since today is the official day that Silent Dream Scans is disbanding, I am now officially an ex-member of that group. I’m going to miss that group. They have this great disclaimer over there that I admire. The way they move over there is so lax and chill too. LOL It’s quite the opposite of how I usually do things. Anyway, I enjoyed expanding my out- of-group experience there.



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