End of September, Baby!

Hello Mystic Iris readers. This post marks my 3 months as a MI member. I’m AnaBanana, commonly referred to as Ana on the forums, and the Japanese Translator for the popular shoujo-basketball series “Namaikizakari” (or “Namaiki” by Japanese fans).

Before the release, I want to take this time to do a shout-out to The Official Namaikizakari site on Facebook by the administrator, appropriately named, Naruse Shou. Thank you so much for building a community of Namiki-fans. I’m sure Miyuki-san appreciates it. (Shou, you rock dude!)

Besides our site, the FB Namaikizakari site is also the first place to come to for new updates about Namiki. I also want to extend our friendship by offering any FB reader the opportunity to ask us TLs any questions about the series. I noticed through my perusing (read: FB stalking) that some people have questions. I will choose one or two questions to answer and will either use the MI site to answer them or address them as a separate page on the release.

Here are the two most common:

  1. What does Namaikizakari even mean?

The title is actually a combination of two words, “namaiki” which means “cheeky, insolent, brash” and “zakari” which means “the pinnacle of; the peak of; the zenith of”.

For example, in April when all the cherry blossoms are completely bloomed – petals out, pink to its fullest pink – that would be referred to as “hanazakari”, or “full bloom”. (And yes, it’s the same “Hanazakari” as in Hanazakari Kimitachi e which doesn’t only mean “full bloom” but could also metaphorically mean “in the prime of one’s youth”.)

In short, it means “Cheekiness in its Prime” which doesn’t have a great ring to it, no?

At least this author has better sense to choose a title that reflects a reoccurring theme in her work; unlike most authors who seems to choose from a list of random girly words like star, bright, love, etc. and then mash them together like bad techno music.

  1. There are already XX of chapters out but you’re only at XX. Can’t you update faster?

First of all, we are translating from the manga volumes. (By the time volume one was released, the series was already at chapter 8 or so.) The reason to why we chose to translate from the volume can be summed up in one word: QUALITY.

This author is particularly reference-happy and in order to ensure smooth consistency between terminology, jokes, and references — we wait and thoroughly read through the volume. I don’t want to jump the gun and translate something, only to regret that I should have used a better expression or term later especially if it could be important to the story.

The publishers would also change terminology or jokes from the tankobons to the volumes. (I could give you examples from the latest chapters if you ask nicely what the changes were, if you were so inclined.)

Plus I’m thorough. Correction: WE are thorough. In the end, it is your choice: you can read the Cliff Notes version of this series (in Raffmanga or any other raw supplier) or savour it like a classic.

Lastly, we are in need of translators, cleaners, and proofreaders in our lovely scanlation group, Mystic Iris. You want something faster? Show us some love and help us out.


Additionally I want to make one more shout-out to a special member in our group, Jolene. She’s a regular contributor and has been with us for over a year! She has worked on Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta, Nagareboshi Lens, and other bits. It’s her birthday so it’d be nice to show her some love as well. (Besides, she’s a translating machine – she can clear 3 chapters in a couple of days! Like a BOSS!)

Finally, I’d like to thank Mystic Iris for welcoming me in their group. Throughout my 3 months here, I would get a couple of thank-you and compliments which I don’t accept very well; it’s just my nature. They really over-emphasize my contribution and I cannot take all the credit. I really want to thank my fellow group members for making the Namaiki Project as clean as it is, as smooth as it is, and as funny as it is. (I’d like my Oscar award now please…)

Thank you MI reader for reading this far. Without any more further ado, the releases:

Namaikizakari. Volume 2, Chapter 7

Love Like Crazy. Volume 8, Chapter 30

Liar x Liar. Volume 5, Chapter 30


12 thoughts on “End of September, Baby!

  1. Many thanks for your scanlation efforts team! May I just say, the mystery behind the meaning of this long winded expression had been driving me up the wall since a while! It’s interesting though… The height of Cheek!


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