Ari did WHAT?!


I feel like every time Ari does something an appreciation post should follow!! The amount of time and dedication she spends to make the release possible is really something! Earlier this summer I asked her to help me TS (typeset) a chapter for a series with a MC that I just REALLY don’t like. She TSed the series and more… She matched EACH Japanese font to an English one, gave EACH character personality and emotion when they spoke, did redraws… Basically, the girl went above and beyond what most of us do when we’re asked to fill a specific role, especially for a series that I don’t even think she follows. I just love this girl. She’s the GREATEST~ I’m so grateful she’s with us!


Not sure if anyone follows this series, but here’s a chapter after our last release a couple of years ago lol. We know we’re slow, but it’s ok.


Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta Volume 11 Chapter 42


I’m Only Back Just This One Time

Hey Guys!

You guys definitely haven’t heard from me in forever. Yeah pharmacy school is killing me. I finally got a laid back week next week so I totally let go of all the studying and having a relaxing weekend which didn’t start out relaxing since I had to drive 6 hours right after class to Houston to meet up with my cousin and friends. But of course once I got here, its going off great so far. I don’t really have much to talk about because I didn’t do anything since I’ve been gone, all I did was study. Well I actually had a great time when Joey came to visit! Too bad when she came back for the Texas State Fair, I already made plan to go to Houston if not I would have definitely met up with her again to check it out. AHHHHH.

Ouuu I actually learned how to two step yesterday! My whole class decided to let loose and went to a bar/club whatever you wanna call it yesterday night for college night and one of my classmate actually taught me how to two step. I know how to do it but in my opinion it felt awkward…although my friend told me I did great. I’m pretty sure he’s just being nice though lol.

Anyway for today release its an extra chapter of Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen! You can find it in the forum.


Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen Side Story 04

PS: Yes Joey was too lazy to release this and that’s why me, the oh so nice Kelly decided to randomly appear again to release a chapter lol.


Sigh… I decided to go translate the last Chinese chapter version for the Shini series so we can at least complete the side stories while we wait for chapter 15. It was so stressful, I kept having these internal debates over including or removing certain words. It made me want to write the summary of each bubble instead of picking through the details, for example, the villain was wounded by a blade in a previous chapter, but I couldn’t decide if  I should keep the word “blade” in there since I already knew it was a blade from the previous chapters. If someone decides to read the series backwards by clicking the most recent release they might not know how the guy was wounded, can you imagine the amount confusion they would go through?? (」゜ロ゜)」Well…at least until they click to the page he was fighting in.

Anyway, the amount of time I spent doing that reminded me why I prefer doing every other step, but translating. I overthink too much -_-


Shinigami Tantei Yuurei Gakuen Volume 1 Chapter 5.3-5.4


I got tired of sitting on the floor to watch TV. It just doesn’t feel comfy no matter what position I try. My solution is to get a papasan, aka circle chair. It’s neither a couch nor a chair, but it’s comfy to curl up in. I’ve actually been calling it circle chair for the longest until Google told me otherwise today. I was pronouncing it like pa-pay-sun too before I decided to check the pronunciation (I didn’t want to make a fool of myself at the furniture store later). Did you guys know that the way to pronounce it is just like saying “papa-san”? Well, according to Youtube. They could be wrong, but that’s fine.

As for this chapter, I felt like I was going down memory lane with Min Seo and Sang Woo. So much has happened for them to get to this point. It was like I watched them grow ❤


The Country is Saved! Volume 7 Chapter 32

Jack Rabbit

Has anyone ever seen a jack rabbit in real life? I saw one at a museum that was stuffed. It was HUGE! It’s also super cute! I wanted to go hunting for one with Kelly, but she wouldn’t go with me at night when they’re most active. Sigh… She would rather sleep instead or just read in bed. She’s so weird… The bright side of her not wanting to go hunting at night is that I can spend time on TCIS and half-listening to her talk lol.

On another note, I was wondering why I keep getting inquiries from you guys on why we dropped specific series and I found out why. I had written the reason we dropped our series, but it was only on one page lol. It was the page where all the drop series are shown, which I’m guessing no one checks.  I’ll write the reason for each on the series page to make it easier for everyone when I have time.


The Country is Saved! Volume 7 Chapter 31

Fingers Crossed!

I know this series isn’t very popular among our readers, but I actually like it. Mostly because I really want to know what’s going on after all these years! Like is the school really haunted or is there someone that made up the ghost stories to explain the deaths? If so, then who and why??

Anyway, one of our translators, Yuki, was willing to work on this chapter even with her busy life~ So thankful for her! We also got another translator that is willing to work on this series so hopefully we can move this to complete before the year ends~!


Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen Volume 3 Chapter 14


Since I’m still back tracking on all the news, another thing that happened before and after the hurricane was our birthdays. Kelly’s was on the 6th and mine was on the 16th. Yay us! Kelly got cakes and flowers on her birthday. On mine, I got a cake and birthday card rejections from Kelly and my friends. It’s like no one likes giving birthday cards anymore -_- Makes me feel old-fashion. Am I really the only one that loves giving birthday cards?

Anyway in honor of our belated birthdays, we have the end of Volume 6 for TCIS! One more volume left! Woohoo! Ah, but don’t expect those chapters to be released soon lol (Kelly and I have to adventure around in the middle of nowhere). Oh! I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but our group is different from most. We’re REALLY laid-back with how active a member is. We have some members that just check in once a year and they’re still in the group lol. Idk how, but it somehow works out for us. I disappeared over the summer and Ari was active then and releasing lol. I guess we’re content as long as we release at least one chapter a year. Hopefully, it never comes to that~


The Country is Saved! Volume 6 Chapter 30-30.1